William ‘Count’ Basie started The Count Basie Orchestra in 1935, in Kansas City, Missouri. Within a year, America was listening in on popular radio shows throughout the country to hear what would become “The greatest swing band in all the land!” A phenomenon was born in 1935, that is still going strong today!


ScottyBarnhartScotty Barnhart appointed as the New Director of The Count Basie Orchestra

The Count Basie Orchestra and All That Music Productions, LLC, are pleased to announce the appointment of Scotty Barnhart as the new Director of The Legendary Count Basie Orchestra. He follows Thad Jones, Frank Foster, Grover Mitchell, Bill Hughes, and Dennis Mackrel in leading one of the greatest and most important jazz orchestras in history.

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Frank WessFrank Wess 1922 – 2013

Frank Wess was one of the most important jazz musicians in history. His association with The Count Basie Orchestra made him an international star and one of the most respected musicians to ever play. His improvisational abilities on the tenor saxophone and the flute in particular made him a favorite of all those who heard him, especially Count Basie. His flute solos gave the orchestra an unmistakable and unique sound that no other orchestra in jazz history has had before or since. Wess’ flute solo on the Neal Hefti classic, “Cute”, which was used in the major motion picture The Errand Boy, starring Jerry Lewis, further solidified Wess’ stature as perhaps the most important jazz flutist to ever play jazz.

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